2nd Trimester Pregnancy Problems

It. Gets. Better. Mommas. Ok I know I can’t really complain because my first trimester was not bad AT ALL. No morning sickness or aches or pains really but my energy levels are better and thats made a world of difference!

But with the good comes a little bad. Congestion at night has been a real pain in the ass. This allergy season has been one of the worst so add that on top of already having night time congestion and its really a nasty cocktail of snot and mouth breathing. Sexy. Also the insomnia, and return of the heart burn is kicking my ass. I thought I was done with it buttttt this is what I get for having an easy first trimester ha. Last night my heart burn was so bad my chest and throat were burning and it kept me up until at least 1 am. I don’t have any Tums on hand so I was chugging water and milk to temporarily keep the burn at bay.

As far a physical changes, my tummy is finally starting to look like a cute lil bump when I wear tight shirts. If I wear a regular t-shirt though I still look like I’m just a lil chunky. Most strangers don’t know I’m pregnant…or maybe they do but they don’t wanna be rude and ask just in case I’m not haha. Hunter makes fun of my lil tummy because the space between my pelvic area and stomach is starting to become one nice little bump…also endearingly referred to as a “FOOPA”. We both have a good laugh at that and then he usually talks to my belly or rests his hand on it, it’s so sweet I can never get enough of it.

No new stretchies yet! I’ve been diligent with my stretch mark prevention routine so hopefully that’s helping. Diet and exercise play a huge role in steady weight gain as well so stay on track with that as well. Try to walk for at least 30 minutes a day! I believe I’ve gained a total of 8 pounds so far and I’m currently 22 weeks. (A little over half way there ya’ll!) I’ll also do a post of all my prenatal vitamins and supplements very soon!

Last night baby boy was kicking so much! I always try to grab Hunters hand and shove it down my pants so he can feel him too and he usually can. The second he put his hand on my lower tummy bubba kicked super hard! I find that every time I try to feel his kicks from the outside, baby knows and he’ll stop kicking as soon as I put my hand on my tummy. Lil turd. He probably just likes the feeling of my tummy being rubbed and held  from the outside and he knows that if he kicks I’ll do just that! But I’d hardly consider this a pregnancy problem. As long as I get to be the only one that gets to feel him from the inside, my heart is so happy. It’s an indescribable feeling to know you’re growing a human. Your own little human that you haven’t met, but already love more than anything in the entire world.



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