Getting Into Nursing School While Pregnant!!

AHHHHH! The morning I received my nursing School acceptance letter I about fell to the floor. I had actually just woken up and I was reading my e-mails in bed as I usually do every morning and there is was…my heart dropped and I quickly scanned over the headline, “Dear student, Congratulations on your Acceptance.” I still get so emotional over it. I had applied to 4 different nursing programs in my area between the application period of November-March.

After every pre-nursing orientation I attended my heart would sink deeper and deeper over the fact that the competition was so high and odds of acceptance on your first try were dismal. It would keep me up at night, especially after finding out I was pregnant. What if I don’t get in? What is my next option? Being a nurse is all I’d wanted since I was sixteen. It was soul crushing to think that I wouldn’t get in and now on top of having a baby, if I didn’t get in during this small window of opportunity of my life, then what? I imagined trying to go to school five or ten years from now. I would essentially have to retake all my science classes if I even wanted to think about applying for a Nursing program again since most, if not all schools require a five year recency for specific classes. It bummed me out to think of how much harder it would be to essentially start over. But thank you God, I got my acceptance letter and all that weight of not knowing what my future holds as far as a career goes, was lifted from my shoulders.

I’ve been accepted into the Spring 2019 class which worked out so beautifully because I could have been accepted into the Fall 2018 class which will be the exact time I’ll be giving birth! So luckily I won’t be pregnant in the nursing program nor giving birth while trying to go to school. Bubs will be about six months old before I start my program. It’ll still be rough! But not impossible. Things have fallen into place as they usually do…every time I feel anxious about the future I am always ¬†reminded that Gods plan is always greater than my fears.

I’ve been working toward this goal for the last 5 years. Its taken me extra long to finally get to apply because I was paying for school out of pocket. School, rent, car bills, phone bills, all while trying not to go into debt. So I took my time, I worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs. Took 1 to 2 classes a semester and eventually got it done. I also obtained my CNA license in my last semester just because I had time to get certified before the next nursing application period. That definitely helps to make your application stand out for any future nursing applicants who were curious!

I applied to nursing schools with no intention of getting pregnant. I was actually applying to schools before I even knew I was pregnant! But it happened and I’ve been so blessed to know that I have a long hard road ahead of me, but everything I do from this point forward is for my son. I have so much confidence now that I know my future, our futures will be secure and I’ll be able to have the skills and knowledge to take care of my little family. I’m not naive about the reality of how hard the next two years will be with a nearly fresh baby, but I’ve got an incredible support system and the faith to keep me going.





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