30 Week Pregnancy Update + Glucose Test

Hi y’all. Ive been MIA on here for a good 2 months?? Ooops. I’ve had zero motivation to sit down and write and I justified that with the fact that I feel like not a lot has changed in my pregnancy since my last update. The only things that have changed are the size of my thighs, boobs, and belly, all of which are ungodly massive at this point. Also my nipples? Yea they are literally the size of personal pizzas. Not the pepperoni, but the actual pizza…I could feed a small town with the size of these things. But it’s all good, my man still tells me I’m sexy, and I know this is all just temporary!

So let’s see, what else is new…I think my biggest “issue” thus far this pregnancy (and thank God) has only been the heart burn. In my 2nd trimester it was at the height of its fiery inferno of hell, but as of like 2 weeks ago, its subsided so much! Which is such a relief honestly, I hated taking Tums (even though they are technically safe to take while pregnant) I don’t like the idea of my baby having to take it too! Other than that, theres been some pain in my lower back, into my right butt cheek, I think if I remember correctly it’s the quadratus lumborum muscle or maybe my piriformis?? I don’t know its been a few years since anatomy class. It’s a muscle that goes from the top of your pelvic bone to your spine. It’s been really tight due to my back trying to compensate for this big ol’ belly and oh my heck, I’ve got a history of back pain, but this is new and a whole other level of uncomfortable-ness. I think I’m gonna do a whole post on back pain while pregnant bc I feel like I could write a book about strengthening exercises and what you can do to find some relief! Also Hunter and I went to a prenatal yoga/massage workshop and it was so fun and intimate and super informative as far as what’s safe for massaging and stretching on a pregnant lady. Which is so important to know since massaging certain trigger points too roughly on a pregnant woman can lead to miscarriage, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. So be careful and definitely always let a massage therapist know if/when you are pregnant!

I tried to paint my toenails the other day and that was such a joke. I can barely reach them or breathe when I try. So I guess it’s time to start paying someone else to do them until bubs pops out. Highly recommend. I’m usually pretty frugal when it comes to stuff like that, like why spend money on something I can do myself, but there’s something so relaxing about having someone else rub your feet and make them look pretty. I’m learning more and more throughout this pregnancy that it is OK to ask for help or spend a little time and money on yourself, you certainly deserve it for growing a human.

Oh…I took the dreaded glucose test! This is a test given usually between 26-28 weeks pregnant. You have to chug a really sweet drink, and then your blood is drawn at exactly one and two hours later, sometimes three hours if you do not pass the first hour. It is essentially testing for gestational diabetes, which is diabetes that only effects you while you are pregnant. So it’s a super important test to make sure momma and baby are healthy and safe! I honestly didn’t see the big deal with chugging the juice? A lot of women on the mommy forums were like, “Omg it’s so disgusting, be prepared!” but it literally taste like really sweet orange soda minus the carbonation. Not bad at all. And the importance of this test definitely trumps any bad tasting juice! With that being said though, the fasting part of this test sucked a lot. Thankfully my nurse scheduled my appointment first thing in the morning so I just had to make sure I didn’t eat after about 9 pm the previous night for my 8 am test. I know it does sound that bad, but for us pregnant fatties, it’s hard! This momma needs a snack like…at least every 15 minutes.

Funny side note: I ended up being a little late for my doctors appointment (bc I move a lot slower these days) so I was panicking and rushing and ended up turning down the wrong street and parking in a parking lot that was not connected to the medical center parking lot. But I figured whatever, I’m already late, I’ll park here and walk a little further. There happened to be one parking spot open and I quickly swooped it up thinking nothing of the fact that it was a little tight. I opened my door to get out of my car and quickly grabbed my purse and began to slide out the door. But to my surprise, I found myself wedged between my open car door and the car next to me. I squeezed and squeezed until I was like, omg my belly is too damn big, this is not happening, I think I’m stuck. Mind you, I’m already starving, running late and panicking because I’m in the wrong parking lot. So I had to grab my steering wheel with one hand and pull until I became un-wedged. As soon as I was back in my drivers seat and the door was closed I screamed “FUCK!!!” as loudly as I could. It felt really good. At that point I took a few deep breaths, turned on my car and drove to the right parking lot, took my time finding parking, and finally got to my damn appointment.

I got to the lab that morning all ready to chug this drink, which I did like a champ btw, and I settled in for the next hour with a good book in the waiting room. You guys, 15 minutes in I started to feel like I was having a panic attack. Which is pretty much the same feeling as a really bad sugar high…on an empty stomach. My heart was racing, I couldn’t get comfortable, my belly felt even more bloated than usual. I was doing everything I could to calm myself down, I walked to the bathroom and walked back a few times until I decided being around people was making me feel even more anxious. There were a bunch of younger [loud] kids in the waiting room too that was triggering me even more. I ended up walking to my car to get some privacy while I was feeling like I was losing my shit, and I thought I was gonna throw up all over everyone. I got in my back seat and laid down and thank god that helped and I actually fell asleep. When I woke up, it was a few minutes passed the time I was supposed to get my blood drawn and so I had to run back to the lab. I got in trouble for being late haha. Ooops. But I think my phlebotomist could tell I wasn’t feeling that great. And of course, on all days, I forgot to bring my water, so I was pretty much dying. She took my blood and told me to come back in exactly an hour. So off I went back to my car (set a timer this time) and passed out again. Woke up and did it all over again, she took my blood one more time and told me to expect results in about 2 days. Sure enough, I got my results online and I was cleared for not having gestational diabetes. Woohoo! I was a little nervous after having such a weird reaction to the drink, but I’m pretty sure it was just a really was just a bad sugar rush. All in all the glucose test wasn’t bad…I just wasn’t prepared for like..anything that day lol. But that’s mommy hood right?




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