FREE baby stuff!!


Ok Mommas! I love a good bargain, but I really love free shit. Today while I was on my ‘What to Expect’ app looking over the latest string of mommy topics and chit chats, I came across a post mentioning some free goods. Of course I was suspicious bc free never really means free these days. So I did some digging and found that yes, you do in fact get these goodies free, with little to no effort!! The only real catch is that shipping is not free…so they get ya on a technicality. Shipping averaged about $14-16 for each site which still is a huge savings and definitely worth it for what you get! With that being said, here are a few links and codes for your FREE stuff! Ill also link Amazon bc if you create a registry with them AND make a minimum of $10 purchase off your registry, you get to choose a new baby Welcome Box! (from what I’ve heard, I haven’t actually done this yet myself. But apparently Amazon has one of the best reviews as far as welcome boxes go!)

Free canopy seat from Promo Code: FABULESS1

Free Nursing cover from Promo Code: FABNURSING1

Free baby sling from Promo Code: FABBABY1

Free Nusing pillow at Promo Code: FABFRUGAL1

3 Free custom pacifiers Promo Code: FAB30

$35 off at Promo Code: HOODED35 (make a baby registry, purchase $10 or more off your registry and unlock your free welcome box!)

I’m sure there is a lot more free stuff we can find out there along with registry incentive welcome boxes, so I’ll keep y’all posted!



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