Our Gender Reveal Dinner!

EC2F3FA0-62C1-4EA5-BC5B-21180F2DE185I’m a little late on this post! Ive been too busy (aka too tired) to write anything worth reading! On Friday I celebrated my 26th birthday! Not only did I get to celebrate being another year older, we also got to find out the gender of our little bean! We were surrounded by 18 of our closest friends and family and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Earlier in the day, we had a 3D ultrasound where we asked the technician to keep babies gender a secret. But to be honest, this tech wasn’t that great in telling us when not to look bc I think I saw balls somewhere in that mess of blacks and grays.

Either way we had a wonderful dinner catching up with family and anxiously woofing down our food so we could hurry up and open the gender envelope! Once we had my parents on FaceTime, and everyone had their cameras ready to go, Hunter opened the envelope and let me take out the folded sonogram. My heart was in my throat and my hands were sweating. I didn’t think it’d be that difficult to open the sonogram, it’s not like I haven’t been waiting for this moment for weeks now! I handed the folded picture back to Hunter to make him do it, but he held one side and told me to unfold the rest. And just like that…TADA! We had no idea what we were looking at! I’ll attempt to post the video of our confusion here.

But it took us a good 10 seconds to see in teeny tiny type (that blended in to the background of the sonogram) the word ‘Nino.’ Now I have no idea why the tech put Nino, and not ‘boy’ in big bold letters, but either way, it didn’t matter to me in the moment because I finally got to put a gender to the sweet little bean growing in my belly! AD09F7E6-2A5A-4CCE-A769-8B200635AB85

Even from the beginning I had a feeling it was a boy. I was almost 100% it was a boy the moment I found out I was pregnant. It hasn’t been until these last few weeks where I started having dreams about it being a sweet baby girl. I started to imagine life with a little girl. She would have her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger. It was a sweet thought but I also always imagined myself having a boy first and a girl second so big brother could protect little sister! But then we started getting all these crazy signs from the universe that it was a boy. Like this ‘Its a Boy’ confetti Hunter found on the ground just a few days before we found out. E8E623BA-D339-4A8C-A4DA-AD0642FE3E48

And then the night of our gender reveal dinner, my best friend had gotten ‘baby girl’ and ‘baby boy’ balloons and the ‘baby girl’ ballon had accidentally floated away! The vast majority of our friends and family were also leaning heavily towards a baby boy, and I started to think about how funny it would be if this little baby was a rebel just like its momma and was actually a little girl. But alas, we’ve been blessed with a perfect little boy and I catch myself day dreaming of the day where we meet him and my heart melts. I can’t wait to see Hunter hold him and love on him and I can’t wait to smother him with kisses. Here are a few more pics from a wonderful night!







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