18 week Bumpdate!


Hi everyone! Hunter and I had an appointment today and we finally got to meet the doctor we’ve been trying to see since finding out we were pregnant! She’s wonderful! This was a pretty basic appointment and one of the first that we didn’t get an ultrasound done. That is totally fine bc we have a 3-D ultrasound next Friday! We will be finding out the gender!! That’ll be the day after my birthday and probably the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten!

We’ve been pretty lucky to have had as many ultrasounds thus far. I think we’ve had 4 plus a 3-D ultrasound at 12 weeks. I thought it was normal to get an US at every or almost every appointment but I guess a lot of people only get like 3-4 ultrasounds a pregnancy? Our first US was at 8 weeks and that was just to see how far along we were. Everytime after that we had a different doctor for each appointment so I’m guessing they wanted to see how Baby was doing? Either way I’m glad we’ve gotten to see our lil peanut as much as we have. He/she jumps around everytime we take a peek at them and it makes my heart so happy.

Other than that, we went over my 2nd trimester bloodwork which all came back negative for anything bad (STD’s, diabetes etc,). I got a physical and a routine pap done and that was the only uncomfortable part of the whole appointment. All is well and we can’t wait to find out what this jelly bean is!!



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