16 Week Bump Update



Week 16! I feel like I’m at the awkward stage right before I really start to notice a tummy…like I could be pregnant or I could’ve eaten too many cupcakes. Guilty of both. My pants are starting to feel uncomfortably tight around my waist and my muffin top is out of control. Until I get a jean waistband extender or one of THESE awesome Bella bands,  yoga pants are the only thing I want on my body while in public. (Bc at home, no pants are the best pants.) But alas, even my yogas are starting to feel tight! My already wide hips have only grown wider and I fear for the day when they tear over my ever growing booty. I’m currently a size 8 but I’m thinking in my near future size 10 is where I’m headed! (And that’s ok!) And mind you, I haven’t been over eating or stuffing my face with too many unhealthy things since I’ve been in my 2nd trimester. At my last check up I hadn’t gained any weight since the check up before, I think that was weeks 8 and 11? Thank goodness I have a sweet man who tells me EVERY day that I am beautiful and how much he loves my body. It’s extremely reassuring especially on days where I don’t feel particularly attractive. Besides starting to feel large and in charge my cravings are under control, but my skin is super dry so much so that I wrote a dang post about it HERE! Thanks for stopping by!


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