Help! Pregnancy is giving me dry skin!

My skin has been ridiculously dry! This lil peanut is sucking every bit of moisture out of me. My scalp is always itchy, dandruff..gross, my eczema has been flaring up in weird patches all over, and my mother lovin’ shins get so itchy I literally scratch them raw. I’ve been waiting so (im)patiently for this “pregnancy glow” to hit me like some naturally highlighted glowing goddess from heaven and all I’ve been hit with is dry flaky skin 😊🔫. Even when I moisturizer the heck out of my skin with THIS, THIS, and THIS, I feel dry again shortly after. Now I love these products but my skin drinks them up so quick I feel like I need to just sit in a vat of Vaseline to feel any different. I drink a ton of water through out the day but I guess it’s just not enough. So as I chug my gallon of water I will be on the look out for some good moisturizing products that lean more towards natural than full of chemicals. I have been loving anything that comes out of the Trader Joes store lately, my boyfriends sweet momma got me thee best products from there which I wanted to link for y’all but I couldn’t find the exact one I use. I guess you can only buy it in stores but it looks like THIS and it’s called Warm Vanilla Body Butter and it’s absolutely delicious. Their hand cream is a life saver too. I’ll keep y’all posted as to what I find. Wish me luck and let me know if you have any suggestions please!!



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