Everyone wants to put in their two cents when you’re pregnant!!

I love and appreciate all the advice given from EVERYONE. I know it comes from a good place but sometimes hearing, “get all the sleep while you still can,” “be prepared to not be able to do anything alone anymore,” or “no more spur of the moment adventures” or “spit up and throw up and poopy diapers, blah blah, blah.” It gets old! I KNOW. Yes thank you I understand babies are messy and poopy and cry! I know people just want you to be prepared for the fact that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but what about the first time my baby smiles at me? Or the first laugh? Or when Hunter and I are so in love with our little peanut that even after he/she falls asleep we use those precious moments to stare at our baby instead of sleep? We will be so smitten with this baby that I know we won’t mind being kept up all night or being pooped on. No one really tells you about how incredible those first newborn moments are because they’d rather tell you about how hard and expensive babies are. Tell me I’m not the only soon to be mommy who is so over it?? #16WeeksPregnant

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